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Season 2 Ep. 02 “A Day in the Life” pt. 2

Originally Released: Nov. 18, 2020

Julie catches up with the Old Timer; Matias, they chat about old timey candy, “The Objects” that Alastair is looking for, and ya know, beheading Julie for intruding on their sacred ceremony in the Maple Grove a few weeks back.

Cryptic is Presented by Crooked Path Productions

Produced and Directed by Jeremiah Isley Written by Adam Hoffman Music by Cory Heddleston & Benjamin Payne Editing, Sound Design, and Foley by Jeremiah Isley Narrated by Tim Daugherty

Starring Kristin Larsen as Julie Kurtz Alan Gerding as Alastair Kurtz DJ Remark as Chuck Sarah Rhea Werner as Hale Farm Volunteer Travis Vengroff as Bar Dude and Noah Casino as The Old Timer

Executive Producer Jeremy Snead

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