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197# Santa Muerte | New wave religion or Cult?
On this weeks show…
Santa Muerte is also known by a wide variety of other names: the Skinny Lady (la Flaquita),[16] the Bony Lady (la Huesuda),[16] the White Girl (la Niña Blanca),[17] the White Sister (la Hermana Blanca),[13] the Pretty Girl Santa Muerte can be translated into English as either “Saint Death” or “Holy Death”, although the professor of Religious studies R. Andrew Chesnut believes that the former is a more accurate translation because it “better reveals” her identity as a folk saint.[13][14][15] A variant of this is Santísima Muerte, which is translated as “Most Holy Death” or “Most Saintly Death”,[13] and devotees often call her Santisma Muerte during their rituals.[13]
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