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#196: Anna Albrecht — HURT 100 & Hawaiian Trail Running Adventures

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This week we are chatting with ultra runner and adventurer Anna Albrecht about all things Hawaiian Trail running, including an attempt to circumnavigate Oahu and her experience racing (and winning!) the epically difficult HURT 100!!

Anna is an incredible athlete who embraces and exemplifies her love of adventure and exploration of both the beautiful Hawaiian wilderness and her own capabilities in endurance. Through talking with her you get a sense of the passion she has for the sport and the love for her trail running community!

In this episode we chat about how she got into this sport, her first 100 mile race at the HURT 100, how she changed her approach for round two with the race (her second running of it) and the story of winning it five weeks after breaking her arm on a run!

Hope you all enjoy the show! If you want to get some serious Hawaiian trail running envy, you should follow Anna’s instagram account @annahadabigday where she posts some AMAZING pictures of the trails she enjoys in Hawaii!




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