187 | Morgan Lauren Talks Alaskan “Little People” Folklore, New Show & Time on Gold Rush Season 14

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We’ve got Morgan Lauren in studio this week for a back to back dose of local Alaskan folklore! On Thursday, Morgan joins us for our weekly podcast to talk on the Alaskan “Little People”, their origins, and just how far these stories actually reach. It’s a fascinating topic that we’ve been wanting to cover for a long time, and Morgan brought the fire!

Then, on the following day, Friday, we dive into more stories, as well as an open discussion on living in Alaska, Morgan’s time on Discovery’s Gold Rush Season 14, and an awesome project she’s working on releasing later this Summer!

You can find Morgan on Instagram @morganlaurenco be sure to follow and support her on this new journey!


0:00 – The Warm Up
4:22 – Christian Starts Us Off Great
5:25 – Intro Music
6:45 – Scott Has a Hater (Hi, Ellen)
8:33 – Welcome to the Show, Morgan Lauren
9:15 – A Bit About Our Morgan & Life on Alaska’s North Slope
11:23 – Morgan’s Time on Discovery’s Gold Rush Season 14
13:54 – Morgan’s Filming a New YouTube Show
16:45 – Let’s Talk “Little People” Folklore & Stories
19:59 – Morgan’s Taking a Big Risk Coming on this Show (Sorry)
20:30 – Irrcenraq “Lengendary Little People” of Yup’ik Lore
24:33 – One Child Returned
28:27 – Morgan Shares A Similar Story From Palmer, Alaska
30:25 – The Enukins: Little People of Pt. Hope, Alaska
36:05 – The Man w/ a Coat of Many Skins
37:30 – Rescue By Sasquatch & Honorary Harambe Shoutout
40:02 – Spit In Your Hand
43:49 – A Similar Story (Dog Attacks One of the Little People)
48:20 – Did He See a Fox?
49:25 – Scott’s Fast Sloth & America’s Missing Persons Map
54:43 – Grizzly Man
58:21 – The Traitor / This is Morgan’s Podcast Now
01:06:48 – Do You Think Little People Exist?
01:10:22 – Alaska Do Be Wild
01:12:26 – Get More Morgan on Alaska Wild Project Ep. 157
01:13:52 – Follow @morganlaurenco on Instagram
01:17:02 – Outro


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