184: Special announcement – Anomalous Podcast Network

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**Please check out the content by searching on your chosen podcast platform for ‘Anomalous Podcast Network’ **

Andy gives a short introduction to the network, why it’s been created & the shows you will be able to listen to at launch, including;

Unidentified Aerial Podcast, with Dave Partridge & Graeme Rendall (every other Tuesday)
Disclosure Team pod with Vinnie Adams (every Thursday)
Quantum Wytch Cafe with Pricilla Stone (every Saturday)
Colouring Outside The Lines with Dan Zetterstrom (Coming end January)

Follow the network @AnomalousPodNet

Check out the shows on their home youtube channels here;

Quantum Wytch Cafe – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV4lL0PNaBCKZv6k-g2FTQw/featured

Disclosure Team – https://www.youtube.com/c/DisclosureTeamVinnie

This podcast is produced by the Anomalous Podcast Network, in association with That UFO Podcast (@ufouapam)