Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

Hosted ByChilling Entertainment, LLC & Studio71

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is a horror fiction anthology podcast, with each weekly episode featuring several creepy tales from talented authors, brought to life by professional voice actors, and accompanied by SFX and music.

17: S1E17 – “Sinking Into Madness” – The Simply Scary Podcast

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Prepare yourself to experience a world where wrong is right. Where the twisted perception of those descending into cognizant chaos strikes out at the realm of the rational with oblivious ecstasy. Delusion drives their single-mindedness. They can be so driven that they’ll overcome any obstacle and ignore any information contrary to their understanding. Ever increasing paranoia pushes them further into the abyss and evil is projected onto enigmatic situations, all in an effort to cement their righteousness. These unstable elements perceive themselves as heroes, but the frightening truth is that they are “Sinking into Madness.” See full episode details, including credits and more information about the featured authors and performers, here:×17

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