169 | Vampires Pt. 1 | A Look Into Vampire Legends & Lore Throughout History | Paranormal Podcast

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From the beginning of human history it seems there’s always been some form of vampire. From your traditional blood suckers to the owls that fly by night. We’re taking a look into Vampire Legends & Lore Throughout History in Part 1 of VAMPIRES! *Dramatic Lightning Strike*

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Our 2-Episode Deep Dive into the Wonderful World of Vampires! In Part 2, we’ll be diving into some first hand modern day accounts of run-in’s with Vampires.


0:00 – It’s Vampires, folks. Talkin’ Vampires.
0:40 – Theme Music
1:59 – Christian’s a Lil’ Rusty…Classic
2:00 – If You Hate Banter & Tangents Skip This Chapter
6:06 – Christian Starts Talking About Vampires..
6:48 – The First Vampire: Lilith
10:03 – Christian Slips into the 6th Dimension for a Spell
10:19 – The Mercy Brown Vampire Incident
16:38 – Other Examples of Ancient Vampires!
20:49 – Arnold Paole: The Serbian Vampire
27:15 – The Church v. Vampirism
29:31 – The Vampire Beast of Bladenboro
33:45 – Let’s Talk Strigoi
38:31 – Nosferatu, Obviously.
41:15 – The Highgate Vampire
44:18 – The Pinangalan
46:13 – We Will All Become VAMPIRES! (But probably not.)
46:30 – …wait are we talking about Adrena…?
51:14 – Closing Thoughts on The World of Vampires
56:02 – Outro


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