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1) White savior, confession by Ali (narrated by Marc)

After recently divorced, Ali developed an ability to see beings from the other world. Already feeling down in the dumps, he drowns himself with alcohol to ease the heartbreak. He was sure that in his drunken stupor, he actually fell off the balcony, but strangely found himself unharmed. Was it the Lady in White who saved him?

2) Did the maid sees it? Confession by D (narrated by Desmond)

D’s gf’s housemaid starts to have nightmare at home. The girlfriend later sense something was amiss. Could this be enough to corroborate what the maid initially felt?

3) Disembodied hand, confession by Vega (narrated by Linda)

Vega saw a hand came out from behind the furniture, she did not think too much about it and blame it on her imagination, that is until her partner sees it too!

Know Your Hantu (Ghost) – Banshee, the wailing ghost of Ireland


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