#160: Never Forget

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As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 comes and goes, the struggle to make sense of the official story remains after two decades, in part because the official story is a conspiracy theory, to borrow a favorite term of the CIA.

Though the subject of 9/11 is a messy and complicated spider’s web of lies and deceit, at the core of the conversation is an understanding that many different factions benefitted from the War on Terror that has lasted for more than 7,000 days and nights. Qui Bono is Latin for “who benefits”, and when it comes to the factions that stood to gain from a reduction of civil liberties and a blank check for weapons manufacturing, the suspects appear to be those close to the government.

Understanding what actually happened on that day is fundamental to figuring out how the government actually functions, what they think of their own citizens, and what should be expected moving forward as a nation.


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