#16: We Are Changing the News | Luke Rudkowski

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Luke Rudkowski, the host of We Are Change, has been at the forefront of the alternative news media for more than a decade, sneaking into Bilderberg and catching psychos like Kissinger and Rothschild in awkward street interrogations.

When he isn’t storming Jeffrey Epstein’s island, filming guys getting their hands blown off during the Yellow Vest protests in Paris, reporting from the streets of Caracas during currency hyperinflation, or traveling to Somalia to see how governments can destroy themselves, Luke can be found putting out daily reports from his home base in NYC.

In addition to We Are Change, Luke can be seen on his new video show, Change The News, with financial advisor Tim Picciott.

Scribd: https://bit.ly/37XqNUF

Curiosity Stream: https://bit.ly/3a3DyhI

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