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Richard speaks with a Hollywood producer about the after-death communications he received from his late friend, the editor of Monsters of Filmland Magazine.  When Forrest J Ackerman was alive, he’d scoff at anyone who would claim they could speak to the dead. Now that he’s dead, some people say he’s speaking from the Great Beyond.



Filmmaker and producer Paul Davids’ films are known for controversy, beginning with Roswell(starring Martin Sheen, Kyle MacLachlan & Dwight Yoakam), a 1994 nominee for Golden Globe as Best TV Motion Picture, which he executive produced and co-wrote as a Showtime original movie. It dealt with issues of extraterrestrial life and the purported “truth embargo” on the subject of ET contact.

Paul’s many books and films are enjoying a 2018 resurgence. His film, “The Sci-Fi Boys” starring Peter Jackson, is on display through September, 2018, at the Pasadena History Museum in their exhibit called “Dreaming the Universe.” “Jesus in India” had an Italian premiere at the Odeon Theater in Florence, Italy in May. His film “The Life After Death Project” was featured in June at the Fortfest in Baltimore, a Fortean conference where Paul also presented on the followup book to that film, “An Atheist in Heaven: The Ultimate Evidence for Life After Death?”

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