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In part two of this three-part conversation with a noted JFK Assassination researcher, Richard and guest discusses Oswald’s supposed trip to the Russian Embassy in Mexico and the mystery of the mail-order murder weapon.


GUEST: Jim DiEugenio is the author ofDestiny Betrayed,” about the Garrison investigation of the Kennedy assassination, first published in 1992, with a second, greatly revised edition issued in 2012; and “Reclaiming Parkland,” published in 2013 and reissued in expanded form in 2016, which offers a detailed critical examination of the Warren Commission’s evidence and conclusions, along with an analysis of the CIA’s influence in Hollywood. He is also the co-author and editor of “The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X.” He co-edited Probe Magazine from 1993-2000 and was a guest commentator on the anniversary issue of the film “JFK” re-released by Warner Brothers in 2013. He has an MA in Contemporary American History from California State University Northridge, is also a specialist in the history and theory of cinema, and has written numerous film reviews.

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