14. Paranormal: No Respect for Housekeeping

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You’d think this was a disaster’s episode with Taylor and Jenni recording in their new space for the first time. It felt new, it felt fresh, it felt like they’d never done this before!

This week, Jenni talks us through the case that inspired the Conjuring films – the Perron Family. A whole lotta history in this cursed house, the hardwood is new throughout the home, HVAC needs a little TLC, but otherwise works great! Don’t mind the lady out back by the tree – she’ll be gone before you move in! Tour today! But is the house haunted by a badass, Satan worshipping witch? They kinda doubt it but you’ll have to listen to find out why.

Taylor keeps it close to home and covers the truly haunted Whitley County Jail (aka the Columbia City Jail) in Columbia City, Indiana. Yet again the criminals are kept too close together and chaos ensues!

Welcome to A Little Bit Grim.