133: Wretched Remembrance – Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

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Good evening, listener… you’re listening to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. On tonight’s edition, we invite you to leave behind your safe reality, and descend with us into the frightening depths of the most terrifying imaginations, with two audio adaptations of frightening fiction, about malicious morticians, and photographic findings.

I’m your host of the evening Nick Goroff, standing in for our dear friend Steve Taylor and tonight I’ll be your guide as we traverse the dimly-lit corridors of your darkest dreams. Joining us this evening, to help bring to life the frightening fiction of Melissa Talbot and Kataribe are voice talents myself- Nick Goroff, Erik Peabody and our beloved Creepyface.

Produced by Leo Melo 

Music by NMC Music Creative

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