#127: The American Empire Strikes Back | Konspiracy Kyle

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The host of the new podcast “A Conspiracy in the Force”, Konspiracy Kyle, stops by to explain the amazing similarities between how the Star Wars films mimic real-life politics, propaganda, wars, religion, and storylines.

Comparisons between the American Empire and the Galactic Empire are obvious and many, as we get glimpses of how the Senate in the movies seems to act much like the current batch of villains in Washington D.C.

There are many spiritual storylines connected to the role of the Jedi in all of the movies, as wisdom is dispensed by the 900-year-old shaman, Yoda. We investigate the role of George Lucus’s interest in transcendental meditation as the inspiration for the creation of the Force, and how the ancient Greek storyline of “the hero’s journey” lays the foundation on which the entire Star Wars universe is built.


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