#126 – Leak in Dimension | Static People | Girl at the Glass – Friday Night Live Ep15

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This week session is quite in the twilight zone according to Eugene.

First story – Leak in Dimension, confessor was playing outside with the sister, mom calls them in, they came in. Sister went into kitchen with the mom while confessor lay down on the couch. He then heard his mom having conversation with the sister mentioning about how she aborted a child when she was young. Then, the mom and the sister came out, but when confronted, the mom said there were no such conversation, however, whatever the confessor heard…is indeed true

Confessor saw something which she has no explanation. It’s like people but instead of figures that we all know about, woman in white, dark shadows or little girl…confessor saw a human shape, but it’s filled with static image, like the one that we saw on tv when there is no reception

Tragic story which a girl was killed brutally by men that abused her, though not mentioned in the story, I believed she was raped. Poor soul that could not rest, lingers around at the confessor’s house in her disfigured face.

KNOW YOUR HANTU (Ghost) – Pukwudgie


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