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This week features some of my favorite moments from episodes #40-80 of the Like a Bigfoot Podcast. Hope you guys enjoy!!

Featuring adventure stories, life lessons and plenty of inspiration from: Josh Lajaunie, Miguel Medina, “Antarctic Gurka” Scott Sears, “Iowans for Everest” Andy Anderson, Kuntal Joisher, Candice Burt, Natalie Larson, Scott Morris, “Running the Parks” Bill Sycalik, “Feral Mountain Co.” Jimmy Funkhouser, “Blackalachian” Daniel White, Shane Dowty, and Lindsey Ward.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this show and thanks for you guys for checking it out! I really appreciate it and hope you had an amazing 2018!! We have some big plans for 2019 and I sincerely hope you do too!