#120: Katie & Jason Parker — Van Life, Why They Are Taking a Year to Chase Adventure

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This week we are chatting with Katie and Jason Parker about what it takes to remodel a van, quit your jobs, and hit the road in search of adventure!

Three years ago they bought an old Ford van, gutted it, and spent their time together remodeling it into a living space. Currently, they are about four months into a year long road trip that will take them completely around the country. In those short four months they have faced down bison and bears, survived brake failures at in-opportune moments (i.e.- going down the steepest hill they’ve driven on), learned what it takes to keep a healthy relationship while living in a tight space, and have seen some of the most stunning places in the west.
Hope you guys enjoy this episode! The lessons I took away are how simplifying our lives brings about freedom and a reminder to place importance on travel and seeking adventure.


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