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Richard welcomes the owner of Canada’s last and oldest traveling circus sideshows to discuss his band of human marvels and odd attractions.  One of his attractions is a wooden ventriloquist’s dummy he purchased at auction with an alleged murderous past.

GUEST: Scott McClelland is a parapsychologist and the owner of Carnival Diablo,  an outrageous Circus Sideshow extravaganza steeped in the Victorian mysticism of the 19th century. Scott also produces The Paranormal Show, a spectacular assortment of Supernatural feats that will make you question everything you thought you understood about REALITY.  FOR TIX CLICK HERE 

Carnival Diablo features amazing Human Marvels that defy the laws of science, serving up a world of adrenaline driven excitement!  Emerged from the great carnival and sideshows of Europe, Carnival Diablo formed over 25 years ago. 

Scott McClelland, grandson of the legendary Prof. N.P. Lewchuk, follows in the grand tradition in the starring role as Ring Master  Nikolai Diablo  who has a burning hunger for the freakish and the bizarre. Nikolai butters his bread with the desires and dreams of his audience, performing miracles and feats beyond the natural realm.

In a flash, he changes from the grinning barker who draws you into the show, to the FREAK who makes you sorry for your stares. This is a main stage event, a full sensory assault loaded with audience participation. You won’t believe your eyes!