#119: Jennifer Mabus 2 — Adventures while Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

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This week we are welcoming back Jennifer Mabus to hear some stories from her adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail!!

While hiking from Mexico to Canada, Jennifer experienced what truly can be described as an epic adventure. In this episode she shares stories from the trail, how she felt to reach the last mile of her journey, how the PCT community supported each other along the way, and what it is like to face down a mountain lion in the dead of night armed only with a rock and a knife. (In my opinion, her week long mountain lion encounters are some of the most intense stories that have been shared through all of our shows!)

I really hope you enjoy this episode and use Jennifer’s inspiration and positivity to step up to the challenges in your life. Maybe it will even motivate you to take on the unknowns of an adventure!!


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