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What’s a nice pod like you doing on a boat like this? We found a mysterious ship and the laws of the sea say she’s ours! Hop into your tugboat and meet us on the dancefloor as we try to figure out the plot of Ghost Ship.


‘The Shining’ at Sea: The Version of ‘Ghost Ship’ We Almost Got


Ships collide off Nantucket


Abandoned Ship: The Mary Celeste


Time Stamps:

00:00 – Patreonicles

11:15 – First Thoughts

15:54 – Movie discussion

1:16:58 – Final Thoughts

1:18:36 – Box Office

1:20:01 – Jenn’s fun Facts

1:27:35 – Scary Scale

1:28:27 – Whats Next?

1:29:20 – Review

1:30:39 – Plugs

1:31:50 – Outro

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