#113 – Getai | The DOLL | To Changi Airport – Friday Night Live Ep9

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In this episode of Friday Night Live, confessor shared with us his family’s experience after his sister made presumably offensive remarks about GETAI. She came back claiming to see things floating around, headless figure until a kind-soul suggested a holy man to help.

We feature another story regarding about scary doll. Confessor’s sister used to have a doll that was her everything, everywhere she goes, the doll follows till 1 day, she saw the doll blinked at her and gave her an eerie smile that caused her to not want to play with the doll anymore. Their parents then kept the doll in a box, in her room…and that brings her nightmares.

To Changi Airport, Alvin the taxi driver took a rest at a bus stop during 1 of his late night drive where a lady came in asking to be sent to Changi airport only to disappear when he was on his way there. Before that, Alvin clearly saw a lady in red sitting behind his car seat.

Joe did a live narration and Eugene talks about massage parlor in this episode as well


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