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The premier Supernatural podcast from Singapore featuring True Ghost Stories, Myths and Superstitions from the Lion City and the rest of South East Asia. Real encounters from real people aired and discussed each week.

#11 – Most Haunted Roads in Singapore

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Cab drivers doing the night shift usually have lots of ghostly experiences to share. Some roads are so famous that cabbies refuse to take calls to these areas no matter how much you pay them. The stories we talk about in this episode are urban legends compiled over the years mostly passed down by word of mouth or shared in online forums. Those of us who grew up reading True Singapore Ghost Stories might find some of these spooky tales familiar. Are there any basis to these stories? What is the history behind these haunted places? Why are the ghosts by the road always the lady in white with a long hair? Fact or fiction, one thing we can be sure is – a good ghost story never gets old. 

 This podcast is hosted by Tim Oh and Eugene Tay.

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