Broadcast From the Belfry

Hosted ByGeorgia Abrams & Sonjay Baker

(Explicit) We are two nerds who love talking all things spooky and weird. Georgia has an anthropology degree and loves all things morbid and macabre. She researches one topic per episode and then tells Sonjay all about them. He gets grossed out and relates things to pop culture and tangential stories.

11. Georgia Tells Stories of Hadrian’s Wall and Anxiously Awaits Comments from her Mother

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“My mom is cool, not actually a horror story” – Georgia, from her hiding place.

Disclaimer: lots of background noise – we apologize for that. We are obviously hungry in this episode. Also, Sonjay says that Jason Isaacs is cool but we have no idea if he’s ACTUALLY talking about Jason Isaacs or if he really means Jon Hamm.

We talk about Roman poop – how cool is that?! We also talk about our (trademarked) burglar traps made of LEGO pieces and D4. Sonjay thinks all Roman names are dumb and isn’t afraid of telling he world how he feels, and Georgi finally calls him out on spelling Febreze wrong back in episode 1.

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Stay tuned for those tours Sonjay promised of our personal lives, as well more info about our Call of Cthulhu bonus content!

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