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Episode 8 of the podcast is here for your listening pleasure… Thomas Winterton joins me for almost 2 hours (?!) discussing Skinwalker Ranch and topics such as;

  • His background that helped him secure a place on the ranch
  • What exactly does a Ranch Super Intendent do?
  • Brandon Fugal, what’s he really like?
  • Strange occurences on the ranch
  • His thoughts on the show and its divisive production
  • Whats coming next…

Follow Thomas on twitter @ThomasWinterton and check out his and his wifes website www.resonancemeditations.com

Next episode i will be recording via different method to improve the overall quality of the show, this started as myself, a laptop and microphone and due to the increasing numbers i feel i owe it to the audience to step up the audio quality. This will come at a cost to myself so if you are enjoying the content and want to help out, please support the show at www.Patreon.com/ThatUFOPodcast

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Enjoy folks!