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103# John Titor | Traveller in time and space

November 2, 2000 the first online post by the individual who would come to be known as “John Titor.”

John claimed to be a man from the future, sent to the past to retrieve… a portable computer. Though shrouded by forum avatars, his specific instructions on what he was here to accomplish, and what society would look like in his version of the future, kicked off a frenzy of investigation, speculation, and deception that has lasted for nearly two decades.

a crazy topic and rabbit hole to fall down we’ve had to return yes to night were covering the man out of time himself Mr John Titor …. Ive personally listened to the John Titor Coast to coast recordings to many times but I’m a sucker for Time travel.

We look at the fascinating case of John Titor, A man out of time. Was he really from the year 2035? or an elaborate hoax? New https://anchor.fm/neverastraightanswer/episodes/103-John-Titor–Traveller-in-time-and-space-ekiqcs…

Links https://linktr.ee/Neverastraightanswer…

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