#101: Desert RATS 4 — Stories from My Fellow Racers

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This week’s Like a Bigfoot Podcast features stories from some of my fellow racers from the Desert RATS stage race. These folks are absolutely amazing athletes and incredible human beings with stories that are intense, motivating, and will hopefully inspire you to step up to your own challenges.

It was great to reconnect because, after our experience traversing the desert, we bonded into a tight knit, super positive community. This was the most surprising aspect of the race- Random strangers relying on each other and rooting for each other’s success. After recapping, the power of this was something all of us felt. It is something every single person needs to experience. Desert RATS taught me why we should ALWAYS give other people the absolute best of ourselves, because WHY NOT??

In this episode we reconnect with the awesome Phil Pinti as he shares his thoughts on the race and his experiences pushing through one of the hardest race days he’s ever faced.

We also chat with Micky Sederburg about Hypernatremia and what happens when the wheels fall off in the middle of the most remote part of the desert. Micky’s story is intense and his resolve for next year’s comeback will inspire me forever.

Next is Rachel Ridgway who traveled out from Maryland and talks about how she overcame a rough start to the week to finish strong. She has inspired me to always push forward no matter the obstacles.

Thomas Mullins had an amazing week and taught me so much about ultrarunning, pacing, nutrition, how to properly put on sunscreen and why to buy a $20 cowboy hat. I was so grateful to finish this race with him as I could not think of a better way to run down into Moab then chasing a cowboy through the desert.

Last on the podcast is Paul Scheuring. Paul summarizes the experience of Desert RATS beautifully- a group of people who, at times, are willing to bear the burden for others to succeed. It’s a wonderful lesson and Paul shares a remarkable story of a fellow racer, Scott (who rocks), supporting him in the brutal most desolate moment of his race.

I hope you guys enjoy! After this episode we are going to take a break from Desert RATS for a little bit. But there will be another podcast like this in a month or so with some of the other racers and crew members, because I want to give each and every person involved a chance to share their experience.

See you guys next week!!


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Previous race reports: https://ultrarunning.com/featured/desert-rats-kokopelli-150-stage-race-2016/


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