100 Gobekli Tepe and the Denisovan Legacy – Pt. 1

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Richard speaks with a researcher of advanced civilizations in prehistory who reveals startling details of an ancient and extinct human population from Siberia called the Denisovan’s. Their ancestors may have built the mysterious structure uncovered in southeastern Turkey known as Gobekli Tepe and the pyramids at Giza.

Guest: Andrew Collins was born in 1957 in Bedford England. He is a science and history writeer who has been investigating the idea of advanced civilizations in prehistory since 1979.  He is the co-discoverorof a massive cave complex beneath the Giza plateau now known as Collins caves and is the author of a numerous books that challenge the way we perceive the past. His new book iscalled The Cygnus Key. The Denisovan Legacy, Gobekli Tepe and the Birth of Egypt.