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1: Beattie Mansion | True Haunted Experiences

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The Beattie Mansion, also known as the House on the Hill was built in 1854 by Armstrong and Eliza Beattie. Armstrong died in 1878 from a “sudden bout of cholera”. Eliza died 2 years later in 1880. They had no children.

The home was sold to the Ladies Union Benevolence Association (LUBA) and became a “Home for the Friendless” designed for the homeless and distressed of the era. Also in 1895 The Beattie Mansion was converted into the Memorial Home for the Aged which it served for 100 years. In 1995 LUBA, in need of more modern facilities for its residents and decided to move the aged home to another location. At this point the building was temporarily used as a group home for the mentally ill and substance addicts. It was sold to the current owner in 2004 and has sat empty since, with the plans to turn the building into a quaint B&B. However…

Those plans have been put on hold due to its undead residents…. Listen to the podcast to hear their story.

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