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We all have or know someone who has a '"One time, I thought I heard..." story. On Paranormal Perception, we don't doubt you, we want to hear your stories and share ours. We'll also talk with experts from the paranormal field, including our own resident paranormal investigator Doug Carnahan, who will give you a new perception... a Paranormal Perception. New episodes every Monday with Henry San Miguel.

1.14 – Michael R. Gorman at the Old Norse Yule Gathering

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Paranormal Perception was at the Old Norse Yule Gathering on Saturday December 8 and met many extraordinary & gifted people there. Michael R. Gorman was one of them and he sat down with Henry San Miguel, Wednesday Darkling, and Raven Hawthorne to talk about the often misunderstood or just plain forgotten history of the Celts and pagans. Plus Raven does her weekly tarot reading, as well.

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