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We all have or know someone who has a '"One time, I thought I heard..." story. On Paranormal Perception, we don't doubt you, we want to hear your stories and share ours. We'll also talk with experts from the paranormal field, including our own resident paranormal investigator Doug Carnahan, who will give you a new perception... a Paranormal Perception. New episodes every Monday with Henry San Miguel.

1.12 – Jeff Dwyer and The Yates

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For the last week in November, the final two interviews recorded at the Mother Lode ParaQuest in Jackson, CA are featured. First, Dr. Jeff Dwyer sits down with Henry and talks about his book series,The Ghost Hunter’s Guide. He also talks about how his paranormal journey began and a bit about the haunted history of Jackson, California. You can learn more about Jeff Dwyer at his website.

The final interview is with Jay & Marie Yates. The Yates have been on Paranormal Perception before. This time, Henry and Jay & Marie talk about why there’s more acceptance and a curiosity about the paranormal and what really scares Jay on an investigation. Even though Jay has dealt with some pretty dark and terrifying entities, that’s not what scares him….. Find out more about the Yates at their website.

Meet Henry San Miguel, Wednesday Darkling, and Raven Hawthorne at the Old Norse Yule Gathering on Saturday December 8 in Sacramento, CA. All the details and tickets for the Great Viking Feast are available here.

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