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Rose leaves a message for Lara.

Transcripts for all episodes are available at BelieverPodcast.com.


  • Car horns, medical alerts, beeps and alarms
  • Emetophobia
  • Respiratory Distress
  • Death
  • Hallucinations, delusions, and general loss of reality


  • Rose – Mara Hernandez
  • Sheriff Tate – Regen Wilson
  • Lara – Julie Saunders
  • SodaPop – Archie
  • Mayor Terri Boone – Rosa Delgado
  • Reverend Mitchell Boone – David Pinion
  • Camille – Sara Gorsky
  • Cult children – Kip Parshall, Duke Parshall
  • Cult singers – Bill Saunders, Debbie Saunders, Seth Ellsworth, Duke Parshall


  • Written, Directed, Sound Designed – Julie Saunders


  • “Julie’s Melody (Believer Theme),” by Aaron Ferenc
  • “Vacuum,” by Ethan Sloane
  • “Birdsong,” by They Dream By Day
  • “Lonely Space Rhodes,” by Eneide
  • “Reverse,” by Silver Maple
  • “As She Drifts Away,” by Clarence Reed

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