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Things don’t go quite how Lara imagined.

A transcript for this episode is available here.

CONTENT NOTES Gaslighting/denial of reality Alcohol use Animal sounds


  • Rose – Mara Herndandez
  • Camille – Sara Gorsky
  • Lara – Julie Saunders
  • Jake – Jason Markoff
  • Sodapop – Archie

Written, Directed, Sound Designed by Julie Saunders


  • “Julie’s Melody (Believer Theme),” by Aaron Ferenc
  • “Piercing Silence,” by Ethan Sloan
  • “Death at First Sight,” by Edward Karl Hanson
  • “No One Knows But Me,” by Torii Wolf

Sound Effects from Adobe Stock, Epidemic Sound, Soundsnap, and Freesound.org

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