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The inaugural episode of SQUATCH TALK, recorded in Jake Talbott’s living room. In this episode, Jake’s friend and prospective co-host, Abe Ramirez, brings Sasquatch questions and sightings from across the Oregon Bigfoot Highway. What is Bigfoot? Could he be an alien? A protector? Dare we say, a friend? Find out all this and more on SQUATCH TALK!

The transcript for this episode is available here. See research notes and further reading at BelieverPodcast.com

Due to recording delays from, well, everything, the main storyline of BELIEVER is going on hiatus. Please stay subscribed for bonus content (including spin-off and prequel episodes) as well as regular show recommendations and resources for self-care and activism.

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  • Strong language
  • Harm to wild animals
  • Dissociative behavior


  • Jake Talbott – Jason Markoff
  • Abe Ramirez – Enrique Garnica
  • Bill – Mark Fossen
  • Ben – Zichi Calhoun
  • Sheila – April Fossen
  • Rose Boone – Mara Hernandez
  • Dr. Penelope Simmons – Samantha Ronceros


  • “Julie’s Melody (Believer Theme),” by Aaron Ferenc
  • “C-Four,” by Deskant
  • “Obsessions (Instrumental Version), by Can’t Find Ollie