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We find out more about the night the sky fell down on Charity – and learn some of Lara and Rose’s backstory.

If this is your first time listening, go back to Episode 1: “Charity,” and start there.

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Grief; familial loss; grating, high-pitched noises.



  • Rose Boone – Mara Hernandez
  • The Boys – Eliseo Velasquez, John Gifford, Enrique Garnica
  • Lara Campbell – Julie Saunders
  • Jake Talbott – Jason Markoff
  • Mayor Terri Boone – Rosa Delgado
  • Camille Simmons – Sara Gorsky
  • Dr. Penelope Simmons – Samantha Ronceros
  • Sodapop, World’s Greatest Dog – Basil Archimedes Hornberger (Archie)


  • Composer – Aaron Ferenc
  • Written, Directed, Produced, Edited by Julie Saunders


  • “Julie’s Melody,” by Aaron Ferenc
  • “Retrouvailles,” by Ooyy
  • “Under My Oak Tree,” by Johannes Bornlof
  • “Obsessions (Instrumental Version)”, by Can’t Find Ollie

Music not composed by Aaron Ferenc was found on Epidemic Sound.


Supplemental dog sounds:

All other ambient and sound effects from Adobe Stock.