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Lara goes on a Squatch Walk, which leads to an…unusual discovery. Sodapop proves much more helpful than local law enforcement.

If this is your first time listening, go back to Episode 1: “Charity,” and start there.

This is a REMASTERED version of this episode, with additional sound design by David Weaver.

The transcript for this episode is available here.

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Wild animal death, illness, hospitalization, discussions of public health, gaslighting.



  • Dr. Penelope Simmons – Samantha Ronceros
  • Lara Campbell – Julie Saunders
  • Jake Talbott – Jason Markoff
  • Guy Who Can’t Find Keys – Brett Saunders
  • Camille Simmons – Sara Gorsky
  • Mayor Terri Boone – Rosa Delgado
  • Sheriff Tate – Regen Wilson
  • Rose Boone – Mara Hernandez
  • Sodapop, World’s Greatest Dog – Basil Archimedes Hornberger (Archie)


  • Intro: “Julie’s Melody,” by Aaron Ferenc
  • Thought music: “Altostratus,” by Franz Gordon
  • Outro music: “All More,” by Lax Superlative


Next episode is due March 31st. In the meantime, listen to Under the Shroud, a supernatural noir audio drama about a half-demon taxi driver for Baltimore’s underworld.