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Fake psychic Lara Campbell travels to Charity, Oregon to check on her ex-girlfriend, Rose. This is the first episode of the season, and the best place to start listening. REMASTERED as of October 13, 2020!

The transcript for this episode is available here. For episode notes, cast and crew information, or to support the show, please visit BelieverPodcast.com.


This episode contains discussions of child death, grief, and manipulation. There are also loud knocking sounds, squishy noises, and dog whining/barking (which may cause dogs to react if played over speakers).


Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Lara Campbell – Julie Saunders
  • Rose Boone – Mara Hernandez
  • Deborah Lee – Jenna Saunders
  • Rev. Mitchell Boone – David Pinion
  • Kathy Petersen – Laura Baggett
  • Sodapop, World’s Greatest Dog – Archie
  • Jake Talbott – Jason Markoff
  • Mayor Terri Boone – Rosa Delgado

Written, Directed, and Produced by Julie Saunders

Remastered and sound designed by David Weaver

Theme song composed by Aaron Ferenc

Sound Credits:

Lara’s phone’s voice was generated at https://filmmusic.io/voiceovers

The ending song was “Lucky Charm,” by Mimi Oleson, courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

This episode was sponsored by Saunders & Associates LLC