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(Explicit) Elijah and Will are just a couple of harmless guys digging into weird things they don't know much about and trying to figure out what the hell is happening in the world outside of their homes. Do they get things wrong? Without a doubt! Are they learning from their mistakes? Not anytime soon. Is this crap entertaining? Their wives claim they're entertained and if they're entertained does anyone else really matter? Listen in as they dive into all manners of subjects as they Bring On The Weird.

08 – A Little This A Little That Vol. 1

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The dim bulb flickers upon a little this and a little that this week. Combustion alone isn’t going to get us flying among the stars. Elijah loves himself some Victory Beer. Price tags on people’s parts!?! The Earth is definitely older than the calendar. Do you know about Epic Rap Battles? The debate is on about donating our body parts to family or science. 4D movies could be fun! Could there be someone standing next to you right now that you couldn’t see, because humans can barely see things in the light spectrum? Minimalist language rolls us into some NWO talk. Do we get our own planet when we die?

Tom DeLonge, we want to talk to you about To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science, your metametal, and anything else that’s running around your brain!!!

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