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In tonight’s episode, dedicated to the very talented Christopher Maxim, I’ll be performing four stories for you, all of them from Chris’s catalog of fearsome fiction – about unexpected entrances, villainous voices, creepy cults, and sinister secrets.


Today, we’re asking for your help, if you’re able to offer it, on behalf of tonight’s talented featured author. Regrettably, Chris has been hard-hit both financially and physically by the coronavirus pandemic. He suffers from a high-risk health condition that’s left him immuno-compromised and quarantined indefinitely. Coupled with serious issues collecting unemployment, Chris has found it difficult to make ends meet, let alone afford the treatment he needs to improve his health. So, we’d like to ask you a simple favor: if you’re able to help in any way, whether by donating to him directly, or by purchasing his books on Amazon.com, it would mean a lot to all of us.


We’ve set up an author profile for Chris on our website, at https://www.SimplyScaryPodcast.com/maxim. On that page, you’ll find links to Chris’s Amazon page, as well as an assortment of his featured books. You’ll also find a donation link that will allow you to show your appreciation for his bone-chilling fiction by contributing a few dollars to him directly. Just look for the donation link us his social media links, at the top of the page. You can also use the page to contact Chris, if you’d like to ask about other ways to help. From Chris and everyone on our team, thank you for your support of indie horror and of our talented writers in their time of need.

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