011 – BLOG – Paine House Pt. 1

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Here are the audio clips from episode 011 – Paine House Pt. 1. These are the actual EVP recordings from several different sessions conducted by RISEUP Paranormal.

*Best if heard using headphones*

Below is the audio clip from the basement in what is believed to have once been the tavern or speakeasy. You can hear me asking what they served at the tavern and the response I recorded.


Below is the clip of Sarah responding to her ABC’s. The investigator asks her what comes after ‘C’ and she responds ‘D’.

Below is the clip of Sarah presumably talking to other spirits in the house, telling them “They’re coming…. They’re coming…” as we’re walking up the stairs.


Bonus Audio: below is a clip of an investigator setting up a camera and talking about the shot, and faintly in the background you can hear Sarah saying “He scares me…”


All audio files are property of RISEUP Paranormal. Please visit their website at www.RiseupParanormal.com for more info and more EVPs.