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I’m just wanted to give you a heads up on some things you might be experiencing right now…because…whoa! This energetic weather is the perfect storm! And if you are sensitive, most likely you will be experiencing some or all of these things:

~ Anxiety – higher anxiety than normal

~ Feeling Triggered – many things are triggering you

~ Over Reacting – feeling like you are having extreme emotions to things that normally don’t bother you

~ Feeling A Bit Nuts – experiencing feelings that are not making sense

~ High Emotional Energy – feeling emotionally charged

~ Business/Work is Slow – Money energy is very slow, stagnant, or lethargic right now.

If you are part of the Empowered Empath & Energetic Awareness tier (on Patreon), I’ve done a podcast for you on what’s happening, and what to do about it. 🙂

Unfortunately, this will last into June! 😳 Comment below and let me know how you are doing during this crazy intense energy wave…

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