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First let’s talk about fear…for the last few weeks, fears from your past, (this lifetime and others), are being pulled to the surface. And you might find they are also affecting your dreams…

Because dreams are where you get a glimpse of your “energetic story”.

Now is not the time to ignore these fears however, but to use this wonderful information and embrace the fear. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to rework your story so these fears are not “stuck” in your energetic system causing imbalance.

With this Full Moon it’s time to figure out what you need to release (fears and negativity), and start the process of moving forward by restructuring. It’s time to… 

~ Release old habits and patterns of any kind (emotional or physical).

~ Let go of old systems, as many old systems don’t work with this new frequency.

~ Simplify everything! And don’t overthink things.

~ Develop new systems that better match the current frequency.

~ Revisit opportunities that you’ve put a hold on.

And it’s time to step out of your comfort zone to try something new! But here’s something important to be aware of, fear will most likely be the first thing that surfaces if you are “tuned in” to lunar energy. 

But it’s okay. If you are making adjustments and you are feeling nervous, most likely you are heading the right direction. Because if you are “tuned in” to this Full Moon energy fear is most likely propelling you (fear of missing out, fear of staying in the same place, etc), or at least trying to propel you to make a shift, a change, or take a chance on something new.