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We are facing some really intense energy right now…

So buckle in, it’s gonna be a rough ride!

You will want to focus on these things right now:

~ Sleep is gonna be an issue, so just ride it out. You might find that you’re wide awake during the night, or just not tired. No point in fighting it…

~ Use your head right now. The energy is so chaotic that it might cause mixed signals with your intuition, which usually results in freezing up and getting you nowhere. You’re just not sure what to do. Just relax, and handle things in a more logical thinking manner. You know what needs done or handled. (I know, weird I’m saying this right? LOL!)

~ Relationships are brewing. So steer clear of any major relationship issues, or hashing important things out. Table it for a bit because emotional energy surrounding relationships is really high right now, so you might think or act irrationally. Never good.